Music in the classroom

Classical Music in the Classroom

Classical Music in the Classroom (Klassik im Klassenzimmer) is a programme of educational visits by young, professional artists to schools, during the music festival. It allows dedicated artists from around the world to introduce classical music to children and young adults.


The project’s aim is for artists to build a rapport with the audiences of tomorrow, helping to promote and pass on the musical heritage of central European culture to the next generation.

This contact brings classical music into the heart of schools, physically, with young artists showing that music is a universal language, understood by all. This, together with their enthusiasm and commitment, helps the idea of integration in today’s multicultural classroom.


The programme offers:


?  Live performances

?  Explanations of instruments, the history of music and music theory

?  The relationship between classical and pop music

?  Insights into a musician’s life

?  Conversations and lively discussions with musicians


Information about the 2013 project

Information about the 2012 project

Information about the 2011 project

Information about the 2010 project

Information about the 2009 project


Classical Music in the Classroom was a huge success in 2013, with 143 lessons in 30 schools of all types, from primary schools, special needs schools, comprehensives and grammar schools, and involved approximately 3,000 pupils. The Kreismusikschule Goslar (Goslar District Music School) were also involved and distributed vouchers for free trial music lessons.


The programme will run again in 2014 and any schools that register for it will also receive free tickets for the music festival concerts.





Next Concert

Internationales Musikfest Goslar - Harz

10.08.2018, 19.00 Uhr

38640 Goslar, Sparkassen-Passage am Jakobikirchhof


Die Eröffnungsgala

Spark – Die klassische Band

Die Eröffnungsgala des Musikfestes in der Sparkassen-Passage hat sich zu einer liebgewonnenen Tradition entwickelt. Hier werden Zeichen gesetzt für ein modernes Musikerlebnis, das dennoch fest verwurzelt ist in der Tradition unserer Kunstmusik. Die ECHO-Gewinner von Spark – Die klassische Band zeigen, was in der heutigen Musikwelt möglich ist, und lassen mit zwei Blockflöten, Geige, Cello und Klavier die Funken sprühen – „so heiß kann Kammermusik sein.“

Werke von Johann Sebastian Bach und François Couperin bis Lev „Ljova“ Zhurbin und Zequinha de Abreu

Karten für diese Veranstaltung

Beginn: 19.00 Uhr
Eintritt: 10,- € bis 35,- € / erm. 8,- € bis 30,- €


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